Is there anything more important than education? Words to consider, and a lesson there. You see, there's more than one way to give back to the community, and when I am not ridiculing, I teach. It comes naturally to me. Because I teach about, well, life, as a man who has become well-acquainted with that coquettish thing. Over the years I have written about and lectured on topics as varied and interesting as, say, the scope and impact of idiocy in these consternating times; the norms and behaviors of idiots in their natural environs; and how, despite everything, society needs its idiots because otherwise no one will watch my movies.

But anyway the answer is yes, there is one thing more important than education and that is ridicule, so when I teach people, I ensure they learn nothing. Ha ha. You see, most people already know all that business about idiocy and the rest are idiots and unable to learn. The logic should be clear to all.

The best way to ridicule and not teach people is to make it an enjoyable experience for them, so I decided to combine a dumb technology, movies, and a newer, dumber technology (the Internet) with you, the viewer, to form a kind of Triangle of Efficiency to further my endeavors with no additional effort whatsoever on my part required.

I know you will like my movies. Your emotions will be stimulated by colorful moving images and a recurring bong. There's a bare bottom and breasts of every shape and nature. Note the explosions I added. If you find yourself learning you are not watching carefully -- typical of you -- and you must discontinue the process immediately before you ruin everything.

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The Idiots
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